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Nicole Mann


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Let Go

Love is Love




I Tried

Starry Sky

On My Way Out




The sun has been out for a few hours now,
And once again you aren’t home.
I don’t know why I’m still stickin’ around.
You only want me when I’m walking out the door.

Puttin’ off going to bed alone…
Think if I wait longer, you just might come home.
Finally then, when you walk through the door,
I am so mad at you, I won’t sleep with you anymore.

How long have I been on my way out…
And why am I not gone?
‘Cause your sugar-sweet kisses keep bringing me back to the times that I miss when our love lost its last attack… that’s why I’m not gone

Solo… Chorus

Shorten the leash… I might have to break the chain
‘Cause things can’t go, they won’t go…I’m really hoping that you might know,
Things can’t go on this way.


I was lost at sea but you were there to rescue me
You were lost like me... we were lost indeed
That’s why I’m not gone.













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