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Nicole Mann


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Let Go

Love is Love




I Tried

Starry Sky

On My Way Out


Move Through



I see you creepin’ around my back door; I’ve seen you here before
I know your kind, your kind is dangerous so don’t come here no more
But he says, he says I love you, so don’t turn away
I know it’s been a long time but the love’s the same so nothing has changed

Love is love and it’s all that I have to give to you honey
Love is all and it’s all that I have for you
But it doesn’t seem to be enough for us to change things
He says, love is all and I can change for you

Your disease, it made you mean to me
And when you get cold inside, your love for me hides and you don’t see
That all I want is for you to be
The way you were before when you loved me more or so it seemed


I feel like I could heal you if you’d simply show me how
Cause I want to be the want to lift you when I know that you are down
I pray for the day you wake to take up life again
I wonder of the things that you choose not to say
...when there’s too much emotion and you turn away


Let our love forgive us we got lost along our way…

When I was lost at sea you held a light for me to see…
But you were lost like me














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