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Nicole Mann


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I Tried

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On My Way Out




The circus rolls on into town with elephants and bears
Bright colored circus posters being hung up everywhere
Nobody asks about the one that died on his way there
So make a statement, voice your outrage because someone has to care

Maybe I was foolish, maybe I was naïve…
But as a child I loved the circus, the elephants and bears
When the circus came to town I wanted to be there
And then I looked in to his eye and at once I understood
In fact I think it made me cry, said, “Mom, this isn’t good!”
Maybe I was foolish, maybe I was naïve…
But I’ll put my rhymes upon this page of one thing that I’d like to change
They shouldn’t have to live afraid, spend every day in a moving cage
They make them live in fear, do stupid tricks for you
The audience, they laugh and cheer, but they don’t see what you go through
Maybe I’m just foolish, maybe I’m just naïve…


So many things to write about of what I’d like to change
This song was my last song, last chance to have something to say
I’m never going to stop a war but I might help change the fate
Of one sad and lonely elephant living every day afraid.

Maybe I’m foolish, maybe I’m just naïve…
To think this song can mean something...
Change beliefs if I believe.












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