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Nicole Mann


Nichole Mann has been writing and recording on her own for many years. She has always done all the work herself from tracking her instruments and production. Recently she began collaborating with her fiancé, Todd Fredrickson of group Smalltown Rival.

Nichole Mann has released her single “Let Go” from her upcoming CD “Bitter Truth”, which has received great reviews. This song is about knowing when to stop and ‘let it go’. Nichole has always been hesitant to call a song ‘finished’ but has learned when it is time. The theme however, is about letting go of the past to live in the moment, being in the now. This action is a universal issue and audiences relate to it. “Everyone has something they need to move past”, states Nichole.

“Let Go” has a nice up tempo with a non traditional melodic structure that gives it an edge over others in this category. It has catchy riffs and a lot of instrumental freedom which again lends itself to a unique category. Pop music never sounded so delicious and Nichole Mann brings it home each and every time.

Periodically Nichole will release a sampling of her upcoming CD to refresh the pallets of audiences everywhere always keeping her in the forefront of their minds.

This past year Nichole submitted a song for the Radiostar National Songwriting Contest and made the top 50 – a proud position to be in. She is currently playing local shows and hoping to put a tour together for spring or summer with Smalltown Rival. STR includes Todd Fredrickson (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jason Gogal (bass guitar), Kyle Heese (lead guitar) and Sean Hillacre (drums).

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